Model 455 adult half cuff crutches (soft-touch grip)

Ref. 455

Adult forearm crutches, half cuff (pair)

Our model 455 is an adult-sized, open cuff (half cuff) forearm crutch with a "soft-touch" grip. The upper section consists of fiber-reinforced polymer plastic mounted on aluminum tubing, giving the crutch more strength, rigidity and much less side-to-side sway than any other Euro-style crutch. Tested to support up to 300 lbs.

Height adjustable with a Clip and available in an assortment of epoxy-coated colors.

A single forearm crutch provides much more support and is a great alternative to a cane. Click on "want to buy just one?" below to buy a single crutch (for $44.98).

Please note that only T06 tips will work with this model.

  • Brand: Walk Easy
  • Sold as: Pair

    Yes, I´d like to order just one crutch and pay half price.

  • Max. user weight: 300 lbs. (136 kgs)
  • Approx. user height: 5'2” to 6'4” (157 to 193 cm)
  • Availability: In stock

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  • Other names: Lofstrand crutches, Canadian crutches, elbow crutches
  • Material Properties: Aluminum
  • Grip Properties: Hard , Rubber , Soft-touch
  • Adjustability: Grip to floor
  • Cuff Type: Half cuff
  • Weight (each): 21.0 oz (595.3 grs.)
  • Warranty: 1-year limited
  • Medicare HCPCS code: E0110
  • Shipping weight: 3.0 lbs. (dimensional weight: 13 lbs.)
  • Size: Adult
  • Cuff diameter: 3½”
  • Grip length: 4¼”
  • Grip diameter: 1½”
  • Grip to floor: 29.8” to 38.0” (76 to 97 cm)
  • Grip to cuff: 9.0” to 9.0” (23 to 23 cm)

Also available in anodized aluminum. See model 445.

No parts have been specified for Ref. 455.

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