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Toddler quad cane with closed-loop handle

Our toddler quad cane is height adjustable from floor to grip from 17.3 to 22.4 inches, suitable for most children from 2'10" (76 cm.) to 3'10" (101 cm.). Double Clip height adjustment for increased safety, upper tubing in epoxy red and molded ABS plastic base in black finish. Model 325 is the slightly larger pediatric version of this quad cane.

The "D-type" grip is vertical, soft-coated and grooved (for either hand), facilitating correct use and cognitive learning. Base measures 7.7" (19.5 cm) at its widest, 6.9" (17.5 cm) on the opposite side and 6.5" (16.5 cm) at its narrowest. At 19 oz., this quad cane weighs 40% less than competing products!

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  • Brand: Walk Easy
  • Sold as: Single
  • Max. user weight: 80 lbs. (36 kgs)
  • Approx. user height: 2'10” to 3'9” (86 to 114 cm)
  • Availability: In stock

  • Other names: Cane with four-legged base
  • Material Properties: Aluminum
  • Grip Properties: Hard , Anatomic
  • Adjustability: Grip to floor
  • Weight (each): 19.0 oz (538.6 grs.)
  • Warranty: 1-year limited
  • Medicare HCPCS code: E0105
  • Shipping weight: 3.0 lbs. (dimensional weight: 12 lbs.)
  • Size: Toddler
  • Grip length: 4⅛”
  • Grip to floor: 17.3” to 22.4” (44 to 57 cm)

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