T16 Tornado crutch tips

Ref. T16

Tornado® crutch tips with shock-absorbing gel pad

Tornado® crutch tips with a shock-absorbing polymer gel core. A long-lasting, ultra durable tip designed to lessen impact and increase grip, even at an angled approach. Manufactured of high-quality rubber with 10% clay filler and micronized silica, these tips offer superior flexibility and extremely long wear.

Fits all crutches with a lower tube diameter of 3/4" (1.9 cm.) to 1" (2.5 cm).


  • Brand: Fetterman
  • Sold as: Pair
  • Availability: In stock

  • Other names: Stoppers, ferrules
  • Material Properties: Rubber
  • Weight (each): 4.5 oz (127.6 grs.)
  • Warranty: Limited
  • Medicare HCPCS code: None
  • Shipping weight: 1.5 lbs. (dimensional weight: 1 lbs.)
  • Size: None

Also available with anti-slip rainguard (see model T18).

No parts have been specified for Ref. T16.

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