Model B01 underarm crutch bag

Ref. B01

Underarm crutch bag, black

Black nylon underarm crutch bag with orange mesh-fabric accent. Features zippered top-loading compartment, front credit card/cash compartment and pen/sunglass holder. Securely attaches to all dual-tube underarm crutches using 3 neoprene-lined, anti-slip Velcro straps.

  • Brand: Walk Easy
  • Sold as: Single
  • Availability: In stock

  • Other names: Underarm crutch bag
  • Weight (each): 4.8 oz (136.1 grs.)
  • Warranty: Limited
  • Medicare HCPCS code: None
  • Shipping weight: 0.5 lbs. (dimensional weight: 1 lbs.)
  • Size: None

Can be mounted above or below the grip.

Caution: The use of a crutch bag may reduce stability during gait. Do not carry heavy objects inside your bag!

No parts have been specified for Ref. B01.

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