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Crutch Accessories
Model B02 Model B02 ($25.00)
Blue nylon crutch bag features zippered top-loading compartment...
Model CH1 Model CH1 ($5.00)
Spring-loaded cane holder snaps onto crutch or cane tubing up to 7/8 inch diameter (22 mm.)…
Model CH2 Model CH2 ($7.00)
EZ grip is an innovative wall-mountable cane or crutch holder which mounts to almost any...
Model CH20 Model CH20 ($20.00)
Wall-mountable 20" (50 cm.) aluminum rail with 2 EZ grip holders. Holds one pair of crutches or...
Model CH21 Model CH21 ($30.00)
Wall-mountable 20" (50 cm.) aluminum rail with 4 EZ grip holders. Securely holds two pairs of crutches...
Model CH9 Model CH9 ($10.00)
This unique tip holder works together with model CH4 EZ grip to securely attach a crutch or cane...
Model F03 Model F03 ($15.00)
Need a softer grip? We now carry Neoprene® grip covers! Designed for pediatric Walk Easy crutches...
Model F06 Model F06 ($29.00)
Sheepskin cover for children's 3" full cuff provide extra cushioning and comfort. Easily mounted with…
Model F08 Model F08 ($29.00)
Designed especially for Walk Easy brand youth forearm crutches, our cuff covers are...
Model F10 Model F10 ($29.00)
Designed especially for Walk Easy model 495 forearm crutches, our cuff covers are made of...
Model T02 Model T02 ($32.00)
Studded ice tip cover stretches over your existing tips to provide...

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