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Blue Triangle About Walk Easy

As we grew, we remained resolute on the importance of customer service and satisfaction. We realized early that we must strive to deliver on expectations and, whenever possible, exceed them.

Opportunity walks

More than anything else, Walk Easy is "about something that has meaning" (see our success stories). It is about a relationship with our customers and their interaction with our products. And most importantly, how our products help them overcome life's inequities.

As a result of frequent and direct contact with customers, retailers, physical therapists and other practitioners (and hundreds of letters and emails), customer-centricity is at the heart of our company.

Countless hours of communication have proven invaluable. We haven't viewed this as a cost of doing business, but rather as an investment. We hope to establish a reputation that our competitors find they must emulate.

As of February 2003, over 900 medical supply stores nationwide carry Walk Easy brand walking aids. And the Appliance Facility is still one of them.
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