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Adjusting Crutch Height

All Walk Easy forearm crutches (and many of our canes) use a Clip system for height adjustment. The pictorial below shows how to adjust crutch height using this mechanism.
Hold the crutch or cane tube in the palm of your hand with the pin of the Clip facing you.
Using your thumbs, push downward on the edges of the Clip. The pin will disappear through the hole in the tube.
Remove the Clip. Adjust the tube to desired length, making sure the holes line up (inner and outer tubes).

NOTE: on all children forearm crutch models, the adjustment holes are on the inner tube!
Hold the Clip between your thumb and forefinger and guide the pin into the hole.
Use your thumb to snap the Clip into place.
Check to make sure the Clip is installed properly and that the pin protrudes on the opposite side of the tube.

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